On Thursday, Jan. 16, Robert Driscoll Jr. Elementary made a special presentation for their designated board member, Fire Chief Richard Gonzalez. He was invited to the campus where students presented their cards and gifts at a special program for him. Students were delighted to have the Fire Chief on hand and expressed their appreciation. A special reception was held for him as well after the program.

Fire Chief Richard Gonzalez not only leads the Robstown Fire Department, but he is one of Robstown Independent School District's seven board members. When he is not fighting fires in our community, he helps make important decisions about the schools in Robstown.

During the month of January, considered to be School Board Appreciation Month, our school district recognizes and honors each of the board members to let them know how much they are appreciated. This year a different board member was assigned to each school in Robstown, and that school recognized him/her by showering them with cards of appreciation, special projects, poems, gift baskets, etc. Gonzalez was assigned to Robert Driscoll Jr. Elementary.

Driscoll Elementary appreciates all the hard work and hours our school board members spend on helping the schools of Robstown ISD.