The Texas Department of State Health Services honored the Robstown Emergency Medical Services with an awarded $35,000 grant.

According to the department, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Local Projects Grants program awards funds to local EMS departments with an aim of ensuring that residents receive quality emergency care.

"This will be of tremendous benefit, not only to residents of Robstown, but also to the surrounding areas, as we continue to provide critical and efficient services," said State Rep. Abel Herrero.

The department states that grant recipients use the funds to purchase much needed equipment, training, public education programs, and supplies. The $35,000 awarded to Robstown EMS, which is the maximum amount awarded by the state, will be used toward matching the need for the purchase of a new ambulance.

"We are glad to see the state was in a position where it was able to assist the local community in continuing to effectively save lives," said Herrero.