For some, Valentine's Day involves chocolates, flowers, and hand-made valentine cards, but for some very lucky staff members at Driscoll Jr. Elementary in Robstown, their Valentine was met by the lips of a very cute pig.

Feb. 14 marked the culmination of the Kiss the Pig Campaign, which aimed to encourage school attendance, which had been low during the winter season. The campaign, which kicked off in January, found students will perfect attendance for the week receiving a sticker. Pictures of Driscoll Jr. Elementary staff members were displayed along the school's main hallway, and the students, armed with their sticker, were able to choose which staff member to place their sticker on. The lucky staff members with the most stickers on their picture would get to kiss a live pig on Valentine's Day.

Of course, it is no surprise that Principal Sylvia Benavides and Asst. Principal Anita Taylor were chosen. The other lucky pig smoochers were 21st Century Site Coordinator, Abraham Arevalo; Teacher Asst. Rebecca De Leon; and Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Yolanda Benavidez.

The pig smooching took place during a special assembly on Friday, Feb. 14. Students from all grade levels attended the event, to see their beloved principals and teachers kiss a real live pig.

During the event, Principal Benavides emphasized "the importance of having everyone at school, every single day, to be able to learn to their fullest potential."

The campaign was a success, according to Driscoll Jr. Elementary school teacher, Norma J. Longoria. Longoria reports that as a result of the Kiss the Pig campaign, the school saw a steady increase in attendance.