Corpus Christi now has its fifth homicide of the year, with the fatal shooting of 28-year-old Krystal Perales Sunday night.

According to police, 29-year-old Jesse Lee Perales, suspect  in the fatal shooting of Perales on Sunday night, was arrested on Monday.

The Sunday night shooting occurred at approximately 10 p.m.,when a domestic dispute erupted inside of a home on the 3200 block of Laguna Shores. Krystal Perales and Perales, with whom she was in a common-law marriage, continued the argument outside when the suspect pulled a gun on the victim and shot her.

Krystal Perales was takes to Memorial Medical Center (MMC), where she later died from her injuries.

On Monday morning, a tip from the Crime Stoppers program eventually led police to an apartment complex on Staples near Saratoga. The suspect was then arrested.