Driscoll Children's Hospital received a generous donation on Tuesday, April 29, as representatives from ExxonMobil presented a check to the hospital for $5,000. The funds will be used for funding sports medicine department.

"In outpatient physical therapy, we have been caring for young children for many years, and we're growing. Not only do we continue to take of the young child, but we have a growth in sports medicine and the acutely injured child, and older children," said Susan Fields, Director of Rehabilitation at Driscoll Children's Hospital. "

According to Fields, the new space would not only benefit the injured child athlete, but also would benefit older children who currently are treated in the Outpatient Rehab Department.

ExxonMobil has had a long partnership with Driscoll, supporting the hospital with numerous endeavors. Last year, the company supported a nutritional health advocacy project at the hospital. This year, the funds will be allocated toward rehabilitation and sports injuries.

"It's something that we do on an annual basis, to try and find ways to help support them and their different endeavors," said Al Sandobal, Senior Field Superintendent for ExxonMobil, South Texas Region. "We try and get with them and see what they need at the time, and we try to do some kind of funding to provide that for them, along with other events that we do throughout the year."

Through the donated funds, annual toy drives, and other events sponsored by ExxonMobil, Driscoll Children's Hospital keeps looking forward, for the betterment of the organization, and the care of its patients.

"We like to help the community and the local children in need," said Sandobal, "and people that just require the help."