Five Corpus Christi Police Motorcycle Officers who are assigned to the Traffic Safety Section traveled to Grand Prairie, TX to compete in the 2014 JWA Police Motorcycle Skills and Competition Rodeo the week of April 21.

The Officers who represented the Corpus Christi Police Department were Lt. I. Soza; Senior Officers J. Elliott; L. Lopez, R. Nunez; and T. Cabello. City, county, and state troopers from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas attended the event. A total of 110 competitors were on hand to demonstrate their motor skills in hopes to be the best.

The event consisted of three days of extensive training and two days of competition. A total of 9 trophies were awarded to our Officers which speaks high volumes for our motorcycle unit.

Cabello received 1st place in Division 3 Expert Main Competition, 1st place in Eliminator Course, 2nd place in 4 Man Race, 3rd place in Challenge Run, and 3rd place in Mr. Rodeo.

Nunez received 1st place in Division 3 Novice.

Soza received 2nd place in Division 3 novice.

Elliott received 6th place in Division 2 novice.

Lopez – 7th place Division in 2 novice.

“These officers did an outstanding job in placing CCPD on the competitive market and bringing home this hardware”, Lt. Soza said. “There is a lot of talent in this unit… My goal is to exploit those talents and continue to train hard with the continued support from our administration.”

Lt. Soza said that there will be other motorcycle rodeos they plan to attend but always places his priority first in the departments needs and mission.