A new telephone scam has hit Texas residents of late; this time, the Attorney General's Office (OAG) is taking it personally.

The OAG is warning people to keep an ear out for identity thieves impersonating Attorney General's Office employees, with the purpose of trying to gather personal and sensitive information.

According to the OAG, identity thieves are targeting individuals whom have applied for short-term loans, seeking to confirm Social Security numbers and further personal information. Once the identity thief obtains this information, the caller will then claim that with a prepaid credit card, the entire matter of your short-term loan can be resolved.

The OAG reports that "nearly 200 Texans reported receiving repeated telephone calls from criminals posing as employees with the Texas Attorney Generalís Office. These imposters typically inform their victims that the Attorney Generalís Office has launched a criminal investigation against him or her and claim that an arrest warrant has been issued due to the residentís purported failure to repay a short-term loan."

The OAG reminds Texas residents that under absolutely no circumstances would representatives of the AG's office ever ask for money over the phone or issue warrants for arrest due to nonpayment of short-term loans.

In reaction to the recent influx of reports of the scam, the Attorney General's Office has launched a criminal investigation into the matter.†

For more information about this new phone scam, visit www.texasattorneygeneral.gov.