On Monday, May 12, the Corpus Christi Police Department, Nueces County Sheriff’s Office and the Port of Corpus Christi Police Department will gather together to host the 8th annual Regional Peace Officers Memorial Day Ceremony. The event will take place at 10:30 a.m. at the Solomon P. Ortiz International Center Outdoor Pavilion, 402 Harbor Drive

This year’s keynote speaker will be Corpus Christi Mayor Nelda Martinez. The ceremony is a tribute to all Peace Officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, specifically recognizing those Coastal Bend officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their community. The public is cordially invited to attend.

The Peace Officers Memorial Day Planning Committee continues to seek current addresses for family members of the fallen officers so they can be invited and properly recognized during the ceremony. If you are a family member, or can provide the address for a family member of any of the fallen officers, please contact Captain Russell Sherman at (361) 826-2834 or by email at russells@cctexas.com or Police Volunteer Coordinator Tom Brown at (361) 886-2832 or at tomb@cctexas.com.

Corpus Christi City Marshal

Elias Mussett Jr.

END OF WATCH: May 6, 1892

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Luther B. Prather

END OF WATCH: September 14, 1919

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Joseph L. Moon

END OF WATCH: June 10, 1938

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Roy N. Smith

END OF WATCH: April 20, 1953

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Frank E. Dolan

END OF WATCH: February 12, 1960

Corpus Christi Police Officer

John W. Sartain

END OF WATCH: August 20, 1971

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Ruben T. Almanza

END OF WATCH: July 27, 1984

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Joseph D. Bock

END OF WATCH: September 9, 1987

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Juan R. Prieto

END OF WATCH: February 2, 1993

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Matthew Thebeau

END OF WATCH: January 20, 2008

Corpus Christi Police Officer

Stuart J. Alexander

END OF WATCH: March 11, 2009

Port Of Corpus Christi Police Officer

James Saavedra

END OF WATCH: December 19, 2007

Nueces County Sheriff’s Deputy

Thomas Nolan

END OF WATCH: August 13, 1860

Nueces County Sheriff

Matthew Nolan

END OF WATCH: December 22, 1864

Nueces County Sheriff

Dennis J. Kelly

END OF WATCH: June 13, 1870

Nueces County Sheriff’s Deputy

Thomas Shaw

END OF WATCH: September 1877

Nueces County Sheriff’s Deputy

Alexander S. Downs J.

END OF WATCH: October 16, 1932

Nueces County Sheriff’s Deputy

Irvin M. Brown

END OF WATCH: February 13, 1995

Nueces County Constable Pct 1

Patrick 2. Freely

END OF WATCH: March 25, 1917

Nueces County Constable Pct 1

R.R. Bledsoe

END OF WATCH: July 5, 1925

Nueces County Constable Pct 1

Carl M. Bisbee

END OF WATCH: July 6, 1925

Nueces County Constable Pct 6

Patrick S. Runyon

END OF WATCH: February 7, 1981