On Monday, May 19, the Corpus Christi International Airport paid a special visit by the P-3 Hurricane Hunter, giving spectators the opportunity to experience an up-close encounter with the monstrous aircraft.

Hurricane Hunter aircrafts, such as the P-3, are used to conduct research and help to predict weather anomalies and changes in the Earth's environment. According to the NOAA website, crews fly through hurricanes in order to assist forecasters in gathering data.

The P-3s were designed to withstand substantial amounts of damage so that the aircraft can fly directly into the eye of hurricanes. Basically a flying research lab, onlookers will recognize the P-3 by the giant circular radar attached to the belly of the aircraft.

During the Hurricane Hunter's visit to the Corpus Christi Int'l Airport on Monday, those in attendance had the opportunity to meet the flight crew and hurricane scientists that actually fly the P-3 into the eye of the storm.