Resisting Arrest on Leopard

On Thursday, May 22, Corpus Christi Police Officers on patrol attempted to contact 49-year-old Robert Barnard in front of a business in the 5400 block of Leopard Street when he took off running. One the officers was able to catch up to him, and when he did, the suspect turned and looked like he was ready to fight. The officer deployed a taser on him but the suspect hopped back, swung one arm yanking the taser probes off and then he took off running again. The officer was able to corner him on the side of a fence and the suspect turned around aggressively again. The officer deployed a taser again, this time the suspect went to the ground. The officer tried grabbing his arms but he broke free and tried to get over a chain fence. The officer attempted to grab hold of him by the legs, but the suspect was kicking at him. The suspect was able to make it over the fence and there he ran into another officer who was able to get the suspect into custody. The suspect was taken to the City Detention Center and charged with resisting arrest and evading arrest, both Class A misdemeanors and he was also found to have outstanding felony arrest warrants.

Major Vehicle Crash

On Wednesday, May 21, Corpus Christi Police and Fire units responded to a traffic accident in the northbound lanes of Interstate Highway 37. The crash investigation revealed that a 1993 Ford truck driven by a 66 year old male pulled over onto the shoulder of the freeway and stopped. A 2014 Chevrolet truck, driven by a 25 year old male, veered onto the shoulder and struck the parked truck from behind. Both drivers were transported to the hospital for treatment. The crash caused the freeway to be reduced to single lanes during the rush hour creating traffic delays along IH 37. Traffic Officers are still investigating whether any charges will be filed against any of the drivers.

Aggravated Robbery

On Tuesday, May 20, two males armed with weapons entered a business in the 10500 block of Leopard Street just before 10 p.m. on wearing bandannas covering their faces. The suspects entered the store, demanded money and one of the gunmen jumped over the counter while the other stood by the door. When the 20-year-old clerk advised he did not know how to open the register the gunman stole 3-4 packs of cigarettes before jumping back over the counter. One of the suspects was described as wearing a green bandanna and a grey ball cap and grey hoodie. The other had a black bandanna with writing on it and a black shirt and pants. Both suspects ran to the rear of the business.