Robstown High School’s Class of 2014 proudly walked the stage at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds on Friday, June 6 to accept their diplomas, concluding a four-year journey from freshmen to seniors, and now high school graduates.

The evening was filled with lasting memories for many, including a special diploma presentation given to Mr. Oscar Uribe, who had left Robstown High School in 1964 in order to volunteer and serve his country. This presentation was followed by the keynote address delivered by Robstown’s own Richard M. Borchard.

“It takes a special person, a special teacher, a counselor, a principal, to really to be here in Robstown. You have to love the kids and children of Robstown. As I look out at you, you all look so handsome and so beautiful, debonair; and let me tell you: the world is out there waiting for you,” Borchard said. ”Believe in yourself, it can be done.”

Alyssa Tobias, this year’s Salutatorian,  graced the audience with an emotional speech filled with memories, heartfelt goodbyes, and a challenge for the future to each of her classmates.

“I’m simply asking you, my fellow classmates, to go into the world and lead by example. The things we do from now on are a reflection of the person we are to become. I dare you all to not only do the minimum, but to aim for the best you can possibly achieve,” Tobias said. “I believe in every one of you and hope to see you in the future exactly where you want to be.”

This year’s Valedictorian, Victoria Ann Longoria, decided to focus her speech on those who had inspired Robstown High School’s Class of 2014 to arrive at graduation in the first place: friends, families, and mostly, the faculty and staff of RHS, asking those who were present, past and present teachers, to stand and be acknowledged by the entire crowd. Then, she continued by recognized a retiring teacher.

“Though I am thrilled to be our valedictorian, I can’t say that I’ve spent as many hours as some of us have between these halls. Our teachers are underpaid and self-motivated heroes who have spent the vast majority of their time here. One teacher who treated all of her students as if we were her own is Ms. Carolyn Gunn. Even though we teased her and gave her a run for her money, as she would say, she was a truly an inspiration to me and to many who knew her,” Longoria said. “What sets Ms. Gunn above the rest is her love for her students. She truly embraces the Robstown spirit. Thank you Ms. Gunn.”

Longoria concluded by asking of her fellow classmates what is next on their road to success.

“I, along with some of our classmates, will soon be attending college, some of us will join the Armed Forces, and others will join programs such as nursing, welding, automotive and cosmetology,” Longoria said. “Whichever path we wind up taking, I hope that we each continue to try for our best, and if life gets in the way, and we happen to make a wrong turn along the road to our success, I pray that each of us will find our way back.”

After Robstown ISD Superintendent of Schools Maria M. Viduarri, Ed. D. proclaimed the Class of 2014 graduates, and recommended that each and every student shall receive their diploma, Robstown High School graduates finally took to the stage, diploma in hand, and bid ado to their high school journey.

“We are a class to remember; one that has changed the future,” Tobias said, “I am proud to be a part of the Class of 2014.”