Allegations of inappropriate conduct against a church worker or employee from a local pastor has lead to his resignation.

On Saturday, June 28, Pastor Monsignor Michael Heras of St. Peter Prince of the Apostles Parish in Annaville resigned from his position of pastor of the church after the Diocese of Corpus Christi placed him on leave while it continued its investigation.

Monsignor Heras has been a local fixture in the local Catholic scene ever since beginning his pastoral tenure in the Corpus Christi area in 1993. In July 2013, Heras was appointed as pastor at St. Peter Prince of the Apostles Parish.

A statement released by the Diocese of Corpus Christi reads as follows:

"The Diocese of Corpus Christi, and its Churches and Schools, continue to be committed to protecting children and young persons. Any accusation of inappropriate conduct, made against a church worker or employee of the Diocese is always taken seriously and fully investigated regardless of the age of the victim or the amount of time that has passed.

An accusation of inappropriate conduct on the part of Msgr. Michael Heras, Pastor of St. Peter Prince of the Apostle's Parish in Corpus Christi has been received by the Diocese. The alleged inappropriate conduct occurred years ago. In keeping with Diocesan policy, Msgr. Heras was immediately placed on leave, pending a complete investigation, and law enforcement was notified. Monsignor Heras has subsequently resigned as Pastor of St. Peter Prince of the Apostle's Parish.

Prayers are requested for all concerned together with an appeal for the fair treatment and protection of the good name of all parties. As this is an ongoing investigation there will be no further comment."

The Nueces County District Attorney has asked the Corpus Christi Police Department to conduct a formal investigation of Herason the accusation of inappropriate conduct. The incident is said to have occurred 25 to 30 years ago.