The Orange Grove Bulldogs won their first game of the season against the Robstown Cottonpickers on Friday night with the final score 42-6.

"It was a good win. We were pretty sloppy but it was the first game. We got a lot of things we need to get straight but we still played hard. Our defense played well, we played better on offense in the second half but we're happy with the win," Bulldog coach Jerry Bomar said.

The Bulldogs striae tend off the game strong as they quickly scored in the first two minutes of the first quarter. The Bulldogs go the upper hand after the Cottonpickers fumbled the ball giving the Bulldogs the opportunity to score.

"I'm incredibly impressed with Orange Grove. We knew they were good, we knew the coach Bomar and his staff do a fantastic job. We knew the quarterback was exceptional but they way better than we anticipated and we play them every year. That there team is going to go three or four rounds," Cottonpickers coach Enrique Gonzalez said.

It wouldn't be long before the Bulldogs scored again as Alex Acuna with Orange Grove runs the ball all the way to the one yard line. The Bulldog quarterback would the take it that extra yard and score for Orange Grove.

The Cottonpickers would the get the ball on turnovers but wouldn't be able to get past the Bulldogs. Once the Bulldogs are in possession of the ball, they quickly score. Bulldog Christian Webb is able to cross the goal line and score for Orange Grove. The Cottonpickers show some hustle but an interception by Webb gives the Bulldogs the upper hand once again.

The second quarter proves a bit more difficult for the Bulldogs as they get flagged numerous times and giving the Cottonpickers yardage. A Robstown player even manages an interception against the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs are quick to recover and even managing a touchdown halfway through the quarter and succeeding in a two point conversion. The Cottonpickers try to get close to the goal line but a fumble stops their efforts as it is recovered by the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs manages to hold back the Cottonpickers until the end of the second quarter with the Bulldogs leading the first half with 22 and the Cottonpickers 0.

The first of the third quarter was both teams fighting for yardage but eventually Webb scores yet another touchdown for Orange Grove.

The Cottonpickers fight the Bulldogs and eventually score their first touchdown of the game bringing the score 29-6. The Bulldogs come back with a score of their own just before the end of the quarter.

It's not long into the fourth quarter the Bulldogs score yet again. Most of the quarter is spent with teams pushing each other back and even receiving a few penalties. Orange Grove was able to sack the Robstown quarterback at the 13 yard line and was to push them back to the 39 yard line.

Robstown is able to regain that lost yardage with a 20-yard pass and gaining a first down. Though the Cottonpickers fought hard against the Bulldogs it wasn't enough to secure a win.