The staff from Adult Protective Services along with Nueces County Community Initiatives Council in conjunction with several community stakeholders held a free community training expo on Oct. 1. The expo itself was entitled "Protecting Yourself" and was a part of this months annual public awareness campaign to protect seniors against becoming the victims of financial expatiation.

The event was held at the Del Mar College Eco Del Center in Corpus Christi from 8:30 a.m. until noon. The event covered a variety of topics including protecting yourself against scams, and being aware of medicare fraud.

Financial Exploitation is defined as: the illegal or improper act or process of a caretaker, family member, or other individual who has an ongoing relationship with an elderly or disabled person that involves using, or attempting to use, the resources of the elderly or disabled person, including the person's social security number or other identifying information, for monetary or personal benefit, profit, or gain without the informed consent of the elderly or disabled person.

With this in mind caretakers and family members of elderly or disabled persons should be on the look out for sudden changes in bank account or banking practice. Also, they should look for unapproved withdraws, missing funds and valuables, and the adding of additional names to a bank account.

Should any of those things happen it is possible your loved one may be the victim of financial abuse. It is important to monitor these things for your loved one when they are in need of special care.