The city of Robstown is home to many organizations but most recently we have come upon one that stands out in a very unique way. Rogue is a sports entertainment organization that has been in operation for just over a year and is a self described high impact, sports combat entertainment organization.

The group itself held a live event at this weekends Realms Con at the American Bank Center called Rogue Uprising. Rogue C.E.O Brooklyn Harper leads the company which she inherited from her father.

On Nov. 23 Rogue will be putting on its biggest performance yet as they bring local residents "Total Chaos" which is said to be the biggest of the year for the group. The members of this organization stem from Robstown but reach out through Texas and come from as far as Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Though each performer has their own athletic and martial arts background each brings something unique to the table as at this weekends event we saw everything from showmen to masked men. Currently their champion goes by the name Rebel Edge and is set to defend his title on Nov. 23.

Interested parties can find the group online via their Facebook page at