Corpus Christi - Over the weekend American Bank Center was taken over as Realms Con hosted their annual anime/comic/media convention. Enthusiasts from all genres enjoyed the festivities while donning the attire of their favorite characters from any of the before mentioned genres.

Among the festivities there was a vendors room where patrons were able to browse merchandise from a variety of shops. Also, there was a featured artists alley in which local home made collectibles and art could be exhibited and purchased.

The convention was also host to a slew of celebrity guests including Sam De La Rosa who has done the comic art for famed Spider-Man villain Venom, as well as Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who has been featured in many movies and television shows.

Many fans may remember Tagawa for his work in such films as Mortal Kombat, American Me, and 47 Ronin. Tagawa also held a panel at the convention entitled "The Horror Stories on the Studio."

Catering to a diverse audience the convention continued into the night with screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with live cast and audience participation. The cast themselves traveled from Houston to entertain convention guests and are part of a troupe called "After Midnight".

To end the night a rave was held on Friday and Saturday at Midnight featuring dance music and neon in every color in the rainbow. The presentation and light show added a high energy level that made the night feel like anything but over.

Realms Con is a yearly convention that is open to the public and encourages fan participation. For more information on the event and guests interested parties are encouraged to visit their website