Corpus Christi - Students, friends and family gathered at the Tuloso-Midway high school to enjoy and participate in this years homecoming parade. Though the day started off hot temperatures cooled down so that people of all ages could line the streets and get a good view of this years participants.

The theme for this years homecoming parade was "No place like home" in reference to the Wizard of Oz. Keeping with the classic cinema theme, the parade itself was preceded with a Munchkin walk/run.

Among the participating organizations were the Tuloso-Midway ROTC, Band, Football, Golf, Baseball, Swim, and cheerleading squads. Students and faculty alike showed their school spirit from the floats with chants and music.

Throughout the parade, members of the school dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz film while their floats were adorned with yellow brick road themed decor. From Dorothy, to the cowardly lion a great time was had by all as the parade approached the high school football field.

Following the conclusion of the parade participants as well as spectators continued onto the football field where the traditional burning of the letters took place. As the sun went down on the field the glowing letters drove home the theme, there's no place like home.