Calallen - This months Board meeting for the Calallen independent school district was held at the schools administration building. The group gathered to discuss a number of items on their agenda regarding a new Multi-purpose room as well as the extension of an easement to the football stadium.

The new Multi-purpose building has been discussed at the board meetings in the past and at this meeting they would see revision to the plans and see if the changes could be approved. changes included the addition of exhaust fans and the heating units that will be needed to make sure the building meets code requirements.

After looking over the costs and the options available for heating sources the motion to approve the changes was made and a vote was taken. With a majority ruling the changes to the buildings completion were approved and the Multi-purpose room will continue being built as planned.

In terms of the easement that is to be added to the football stadium plans were heard to extend the easement an additional 75 feet. I reason behind this was explained by a representative of the company that will be completing the construction.

It was determined by the board that they would need to review these plans as well as review the budget to make sure it was possible. The boards main concern was wether or not the extension would hinder any renovation options they may have for the stadium in the future.

As a result this agenda item was tabled and will be reviewed when more information is available. This item is not closed and will be looked at again at next months school board meeting.

From here the school board went into a closed session and adjourned for the evening. Members of the public who would like to attend or address items on the boards agenda can attend the next meeting at the schools administration building on Wildcat Drive next month.