Tuloso-Midway is holding its Board of Trustees election for the school district, however that is not all that will be on the ballot. Voters will also be able to vote on the Chapter 41 portion of the ballot.

One proposition, Authorizing the the Board of Trustees of Tuloso-Midway to purchase attendance credits from the state with its local tax revenues. Voters will be asked whether or not they are in favor of this proposition on the ballot.

If the proposition passes by a majority vote th school district will be able to send money directly to the state in exchange for the purchase pf attendance that will equalize the wealth and allow the district to maintain its current tax base. However if the majority is against the proposition the state will consider one of two other options that will allow them to equalize wealth.

One option will be the detachment of property or giving away property such as refineries to other school districts. The other option the district will consider is the consolidation with other nearby contiguous school districts.

The Chapter 41 proposition is also known as a Robin Hood plan because of its ability to equalize wealth among schools both larger and smaller in size. It is intended to return local tax dollars from property-rich districts and redistribute it to property-poor districts.

The Tuloso-Midway school district has allowed out of district students transfers with requirements of high academic and attendance in the past to avoid the recapturing of local funds. Due to the growth of student enrollment the full building capacity has been reached and with that they must conduct this election as to purchase attendance credits from the state. This election will not impact the tax rates of any one individual.