Good day everyone. This is KZTV Doppler 10 Chief Meteorologist Juan Acuña with your long range forecast.

The front that arrived Monday afternoon has delivered spectacular weather through the middle of the week with less humidity, cool mornings and sunny afternoons. High pressure will continue building over Texas through Friday and promote the sunny skies in the afternoon, but as it moves east over the Gulf of Mexico our winds will take a shift to the southeast and this will usher in Gulf moisture and humidity will be on the rise. So much in fact that a few stray showers could make their way into the area for the weekend under partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s. We have a few fronts in the northern half of the United States that will try and push towards South Texas, but they are very weak in nature. However, they will play a vital role down the road. There is a cluster of showers and storms in the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico in the Bay of Campeche that we’ll have to watch fairly closely heading into the weekend. Some forecast models do have a tropical system forming and if this occurs, it will rob our chances of showers for the weekend and early next week. Also, if this occurs, the fronts in the northern United States will be situated in north-central Texas and keep the system from coming to South Texas and steer it more northeast in the central and northern Gulf of Mexico. Either way, it bears watching very closely. For now we have kept stray showers and high in the upper 80s for the weekend and a few isolated showers, mostly cloudy skies, and muggy conditions early next week.

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