This Friday night football game was hard fought for the Robstown Cotton Pickers as the Pleasanton Eagles took home the win with a final score of 42-24.

The Cotton Pickers did their best to hold the Eagles back but the defense was no match for the visiting team's offense.

The first half of the game went back and forth as both teams managed to get into the end zone with Anthony Leal scoring the first touchdown of the game on a run for Pleasanton.

Following that early score, Garrett Bosquez intercepted the ball from Robstown on an attempted pass only to have the ball turnover on downs.

Jason Mungia would answer back, running the ball in for a touchdown at the start of the second quarter and putting Robstown on the board. The Cotton Pickers would attempt a 2-point conversion only to be stopped 3 yards short of the goal line.

The Eagles, however, did not hold back in the second quarter as Elton Woodaed II put his team on the board for the second time in this game.

Bosquez would again intercept the ball for the Eagles and Leal would again run the ball into the end zone on a 3-yard run putting the Eagles ahead 20-6.

Robstown, not giving up, had an impressive running game as they would make their way towards the goal line yet again, this time running the ball in for the touchdown. Pete Hernandez made that touchdown for the Cotton Pickers but the ball would be fumbled as they attempted a 2-point conversion.

Zach Smith would recover that fumble for the Eagles and run the ball back down the field for a safety. Following the kick off Leal would score yet another touchdown for the Eagles making the score 28 - 12.

The two teams battled back and forth through this game but in the end the Eagle offense proved a little too much for the Cotton Pickers as the fourth quarter ended with the Eagles ahead by 18 points.

The Cotton Pickers played a hard game but never gave up in what was a clean victory for the Eagles.