The Corpus Christi parks and Recreation Department advises residents that a construction crew from playground vendor Little Tikes Commercial will be working on an improvement project that will require the temporary closure of KidsPlace in Cole park. The playground will be closed for the work starting at 7 A.M. on Monday Nov. 3 and is expected to take two weeks to complete.

The project will consist of replacing decks with an improved deck system. The new custom deck is to be installed pre-coated with a marine grade hot-dipped galvanization coating to increase the corrosion resistance properties of the standard decks and stairs.

The deck was then coated with a PBC dipping process which is a polyvinyl chloride coating that is applied to a thickness of one eighth of an inch. The addition of this pre-coated galvanization is the custom step taken to make the playground enhancements. There will be no charge to the city from the vendor in this project.