This week many of our area high schools will be taking the 2014 TAKS Tests which are required by the state. The TAKS test is the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills which is a standardized test.

The test itself is measured and scored by Pearson Educational Measurement with close supervision by the Texas Education Agency. The TAKS test replaced tests implemented prior to the No Child Left Behind Act known as the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills or TAAS test.

Parents should make sure their children understand the importance of the test in regards to their path to graduation. Texas high school seniors can not graduate unless they have completed and passed their exit-level TAKS tests in English, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

During their Junior and Senior years students have a total of five chances to pass the exams in order to graduate. Our local school districts recommend getting plenty of rest the day before and to make sure students are on time for the days of testing.

Tuloso-Midway will be testing through Oct. 24 at their ACC school, these will be exit level tests. Robstown High School will be testing through Oct. 23 with their exit level tests.

The final test in Robstown will take place on Thursday morning and will be the Social Studies section of the test. Math, Science and English have already been held by Robstown at the start of the week.