ROBSTOWN - The Saxet Gun Show was in town on Oct. 25 to allow vendors from all over Texas the chance to show off their collections and even sell items at the show. The event was open to the public with a $5 entrance fee.

Though no cameras are allowed inside the event a fun time was had by all who were in attendance. Along side the firearms in the dealers room was a wide variety of art and jewelry being sold by local vendors who came from as far away as port O'Connor.

Firearms were sold by vendors who followed Texas guidelines while on site including background checks and the mandatory forms that come along with purchasing a weapon of this nature. For those who have no interest in firearms there was also a wide array of less lethal personal protection options such as pepper sprays and stun guns.

Other attractions featured home decor, antiques, collectables, and vintage coins. Aside from concessions there were some locally owned beef jerky and smoke meat vendors who added a bit of spice to the show as well as their products.

The Saxet Gun Show is more than just firearms or weapons as there is something offered for everyone at this show. They are currently scheduled to return to the Richard M Borchard Fairgrounds on Nov. 21 and 22.