BANQUETE - The Santa Gertrudis Academy and Banquete football teams faced off on Halloween night in what resulted in a win for the Academy Lions. The Banquete Bulldogs tried their best to hold the Lions off but to no avail in the nights game.

The first half of the game was well paced as the Lions found themselves within scoring distance and were able to put points on the board relatively fast. Eric Garcia was able to run the ball in for the first touchdown of the night. Jesse Garcia of the Lions was able to get the ball back for his team as the Bulldogs fumble on a running play.

The Bulldogs defense however did its job when the Lions found themselves punting on a fourth down. This turn of events was short lived as Weldon Gallia would fumble on as he ran the ball, resulting in a recovery by the Lions.

With the ball now back in their possession the Lions would score their second touchdown of the night as they methodically ran the ball closer and closer to the in-zone. At the end of the first quarter the score would read 14 - 0 in the Lions favor.

At the end of the half the game looked to be a shut out victory for the Lions but the Bulldogs were not out of it yet. They would manage to run the ball for impressive yardage in the third quarter and find themselves in good field position.

Managing to get the ball within the 10 yard line the Bulldogs would score their only touchdown of the night on a running play. For the remainder of the game the Bulldogs would find themselves up against a solid defensive line with the intent of keeping them out of the in-zone.

The handwork of the Lion defense paid off as the ball was stripped away from the Bulldogs following a turnover on downs. The Lions would finish the game strong with the final touchdown of the night on a hand off.

Both teams played hard but the Bulldogs found themselves being stopped just short of a win. The final score was 21 - 7 resulting in a solid win for the Santa Gertrudis Academy.