The South Texas Youth Football League has crowned its champion.

The Aggies capped off a perfect season with its championship win. The team went undefeated with a 12-0 record.

The Aggies posted eight shutouts on the year, including seven in a row.

Team members include: 

No. 1 Alexavier Hinojosa

No. 2 Seth Hovda

No. 3 Dominic Dennis

No. 8 Jayden Tijerina

No. 9 Cristyan Canty

No. 11 Justin "Spiderman" Montemayor

No. 14 Morgan "The Love Doctor" Love

No. 17 Maddox De Leon

No. 18 "G.I." Joe Ayala

No. 21 Romeo Castillo

No. 22 Jason Kirk

No. 33 J.R. "The Hammer" Tennill

No. 35 Andrew Benavidez

No. 45 Noah Bueno

No. 46 Cameron Starry

No. 65 Steven Kirk

No. 71 Nicholas Abundez

No. 77 Carson "Big Country" Sifuentes

No. 82 Cole Spalek

No. 99 Marcos Cruz

The Aggies are coached by Jesse Sifuentes, Wade Tennill, and Hans Hovda. They submitted the following statement:

"Coaches reflect upon their season, noting that the Aggies set their goals before the season and with hard work, dedication and commitment to each other, achieved their goals.  A big thank you not only to the coaches but to all the parents, grandparents, friends and family who came out daily to practices and games. Your support made our goals a breeze to achieve."