ROBSTOWN - A new addition the city has been added near the historic downtown area as Taqueria Guadalajara opened its doors to the public on the afternoon of Friday Jan. 16, 2015. The doors opened to waiting customers who were delighted to see the light but warm atmosphere the restaurant had to offer.

The staff was energetic and at the full disposal of guests who dined or chose to get food from the establishments drive through window. In addition to a large dining room the restaurant also has a stocked bar for patrons over the age of 21 to enjoy.

The menu offers the general Mexican cuisine that we have come to know in South Texas but has a variety to it that welcomes almost any guest. Clean and organized the dining hall started to fill with more customers shortly after the grand opening at 4 P.M.

The Robstown Police Department was on hand for the event as their vehicles lined the parking lot with flashing lights. The manager welcomed us in to see the new building and just what they had to offer.

Conveniently located the new establishment is a fitting addition to the city. Taqueria Guadalajara is as they say, open for business.