This weekend in Robstown the Saxet Gun Show will be returning to the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds on Saturday January 31. Local Vendors as well as vendors from across the state of Texas will be on hand to display a variety of pieces, many of which will be for sale.

Though the main attraction of the show is firearms, there is more to the Saxet Gun Show than just that. There are a variety of things to see such as hand made knives, art, and jewelry.

In addition collectors of vintage coins, badges, signs, and even leather goods will find something that catches their eye. Concessions will also be available at the event should patrons need a break from browsing the many tables.

However it is recommended not to fill up on the concessions as there are generally vendors who specialize in the manufacturing of smoked meats and cheeses as well as locally made preserves and breads. Past visits from the Saxet Gun Show have showed us that the local vendors tend to bring a bit of spice to the event.

For a $5 entry fee there is a lot to see and something for everyone. Worth the price of admission should you find yourself in Robstown, the Saxet Gun Show is ready to start off 2015 in South Texas.

Note: No cameras of photography is allowed inside of the event.