Brock Hartman

Corpus Christi Bakery Plant Leader

In the year since 38-year-old Brock Hartman started at H-E-B, he has embraced his company’s culture. “I believe in H-E-B’s bold promise that Partners stand together. As a plant leader, I want to exemplify this promise by succeeding in the Slim Down Showdown,” said Brock. “Great leaders model the way, inspire a shared vision, enable others to act and encourage the heart. To me, the Slim Down Showdown is an opportunity to combine these leadership practices.”

At 345 pounds, Brock has struggled with his weight for years. “It was easy to keep the fat off when I was playing football,” he said. His great grandfather, grandfather and father all passed away from heart disease, and he wants to be the first in four generations to live to see his grandchildren.

“I’m not just doing this for me,” he says. “Other people are counting on me. I am representing the Corpus Christi bakery, the warehouse and manufacturing division, and my family. I have a whole team behind me.”

Brock hopes to increase his knowledge of nutrition and exercise so that he can be equipped with the tools he needs to improve his own health, while also helping others.

“No one wants to take fitness advice from someone that’s not in control of their own health. If I can improve my wellbeing, I can serve as an example for others around me.”

Jeremy Peebles

Seafood Lead, Corpus Christi

Jeremy Peebles got a wakeup call in November 2013. After cutting himself while slicing meat he went to the hospital for stitches and ended up staying for blood work, an electrocardiogram (EKG) and an X-ray.

“The doctor was concerned. My blood pressure was 180/110 and my heart rate was 120, which is extremely high,” Jeremy said. “All of these issues were because of my weight, and I was put on medicine for high blood pressure.”

After his trip to the hospital, Jeremy began focusing more on his health. He started eating better and gave up smoking. Now 31, Jeremy has been through ups and downs with dieting, but has given up smoking and lost 70 pounds. At 388 pounds, he’s ready to buckle down to improve his health for good.

“I hope that the Slim Down Showdown will help me grow my knowledge of nutrition and wellness. I want to get healthy now, while I’m still young, so that I can enjoy my later life,” he said.

Jeremy is ready to live a more active lifestyle. He’s already preparing to join his store’s softball team and looking forward to fishing in the Corpus Christi Bay.

“I’m going to keep my body going. I’ve been heavyset all my life, and I want to show people that if I can get healthy and active, than they can too.”

Anna Chadis

Corpus Christi Bakery Office Clerical

While participating in the 2013 Slim Down Showdown, Anna Chadis, 46, knew she needed to prepare for life after the competition. So before the final weigh-in, she purchased a bike.

“I wanted to have something lined up to keep me focused on my goals,” said Anna. “I had never been on a road bike and was nervous to get started. It was a month and a half before I went on my first ride.”

Before long, Anna found Team Life Cyclers, a cycling group in Corpus Christi that welcomed her with open arms. She’s been riding with them ever since. In May 2014, she completed her first “century ride,” a 100-mile tour from Austin to Shiner.

“I love cycling. I’ve been through a lot with my team over the last year and a half. They are an extra support system for me, and we push each other,” she said.

At 188 pounds, Anna knows there is an opportunity to increase her speed on the bike by losing weight. As part of the Second Chance Challenge, Anna hopes to focus on nutrition and receive guidance for eating well as an athlete.

“Living a healthy life is an ongoing process. It’s a lifestyle change that takes work. You’re not always going to be 100 percent. You’re going to go through peaks and valleys, just like in cycling.”