The Tuloso-Midway Independent School District was proud to receive and distribute over $50 Thousand in grants to teachers on its campuses. In total since 2005 the district has now received over $460 Thousand in grants.

Starting at their primary school the “Prize Patrol” which consisted of district staff as well as donors and foundation directors payed surprise visits to winning teachers who were more than grateful for the needed funds. “It feels like you’re a little kid getting gifts on your birthday or Christmas, it’s exciting” said Didia De La Cerda who teaches second grade.

“These funds help us as teachers improve the manner in which we implement our lessons on a daily basis” Cerda said. “Not all kids learn by listening to teachers lecture, so if we get grants for hands-on manipulatives or technology resources, we can amp up our lessons.”

Cerda admits that when the prize patrol arrived she was completely surprised. “I was confused as to what was going on. I’m thinking, “Am I in trouble?” Cerda thanks everyone for the much needed funds that will benefit her students.

Debbie VanZandt who is the Librarian of Tuloso-Midway High School explained why these grants are so important the school and students. “These grants allow teachers to do things in the classroom that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise” she said. “From technology, to guest speakers, to field trips, to programs and materials that are outside the scope of our annual budget allotment, teachers are able to inspire students to see new sights, to gain new experiences, and to see their world through new eyes. For those of us who are doing what we do because we love it and love the kids, being able to give our students any extra opportunities is a big, bright spot in our world.”

“We are so thankful that TMISD felt the importance of creating the TM Foundation” Trish Yaklin and Karen Norskow told us. “We really appreciate the community and our business partners investing in our ideas.”

This pair of technology teachers are no strangers to receiving grants at this point but point out that it never gets old. “We were overwhelmed with tears of joy and excitement to know that the TM Foundation committee felt that our grant submission was worthy to be funded” they said. “The equipment we receive from this grant will allow our students to be excited about creating and delivering their projects to their peers.”

In the end the staff of the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District were all surprised and thankful to find out that their grants were going to be funded. The prize patrol delivered more than just checks that day as they went from campus to campus, they delivered opportunities in education for both the educators as well as the students.