CORPUS CHRISTI - It is time for the 2015 HEB Slim Down to get under way as three local residents from the Corpus Christi area prepare to take a pantry make over tour. The tour was held on the morning of Jan. 27 at the HEB located on Saratoga Blvd.

The three contestants Brock Hartman, Anna Chadis, and Jeremy Peebles are one fifth of the total participants in this years Slim Down Campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to highlight the value of making healthier lifestyle choices.

This contest is set to take place over a 14 week period in which the contestants will attend a fitness camp in San Antonio in which they will receive coaching from nutrition and fitness professionals. After the fit camp the contestants will return home and implement what they have learned into their everyday lives.

Periodically the fitness and nutrition professionals will check in on the contestants during the remainder of the contest to see what progress is being made. Fifteen people from across the state of Texas will now begin their journey into a healthier lifestyle.