While Feb. 4 was just another school day for most students at Tuloso-Midway Matthew Dickson spent the afternoon signing a contract to play football for Texas Lutheran which is a division 3 school. Though the news was initially unexpected for Dickson he looks forward to not only playing football at a higher level, but to completing his education at a higher level as well.

“I’m still a bit taken aback by the news, but it’s always exciting to find out you are going to play at a higher level” Dickson said. “First and foremost I plan on pursuing a degree in physics while playing for TLU.”

Having played football for some years already Dickson will be extending his on field resume which goes back a ways. “I have been playing football since sixth grade but I played some pee wee as well” Dickson said. His current stats on the football field are as follows.

Three-year starter at Fullback

Back to Back 1,000 yard seasons

Career rushing yards - 2,954

Career average rushing per game - 98 yards

Career rushing average per attempt - 6 yards

Career longest run - 92 yards

Career longest reception - 47 yards

First Team All-District Fullback Junior and Senior year, Second Team Sophomore year

First Team All-District Punter Junior and Senior year

All-South Texas Running Back Junior and Senior year

All-State Honorable Mention Running Back Senior Year

All-District Academic Team All Three Years

Dickson had not been expecting to continue football after high school but after his tape made its way to TLU their athletics department sought the high school senior out. At 3:45 P.M. Dickson sat with his coach Brian Boone to sign his papers and make his commitment to TLU official.

When not on the field Dickson shows great enjoyment for physics which he also hopes to obtain his degree in. “I really enjoy building rockets and other projects in our physics classes,” Dickson said. “whether it is building rockets or little tanks or other projects it’s something I really enjoy.”