In the afternoon of Feb. 10 officers of the Corpus Christi Police Department began investigating a home located fat 2738 Prescott Street. After officers completed an initial investigation it was determined that a more thorough investigation was needed in this investigation.

After obtaining a more extensive search warrant officers recovered several cash gift cards from stores around the city as well as $16,000 cash. Along with these items officers also recovered several face identification cards and equipment used in making credit cards.

The two suspects who live in the home were arrested on felony credit card abuse warrants. San Juanita Avalos and Ibrahin Suarez Venero are currently being held on $100,000 bond.

It appears as though both suspects had been cloning credit cards of victims, and were able to make purchases even though victims still had their cards in their possession. This investigation could lead to more arrests.

Corpus Christi Police Department wants to remind everyone to check their credit statements on a regular basis, even though they have not had any of their credit cards stolen to guard against this type of financial crime.