Local band The Sunshine Collective will be performing this sunday Feb. 22 at The NASA in Corpus Christi. The group itself has members from Corpus Christi Annaville, Bishop, and Kingsville and will performing with The Mike Dillon Band.

Former members of the now disbanded MDI Justin Estes and Sunshine Cantu continue to make music together in their own Reggae, Blues, Funk, Jazz style. The group also features the saxophone playing of Kingsville ISD band director Bobby Salazar who solos can only be described as spirited.

While the group plays a number of original songs they also cover an eclectic number of songs ranging from “Mr. Bobby” by Manu Chao, to “Man Eater” by Hall and Oates. The vocal stylings of singer Justin Estes are powerful and smooth while the energy that Bassist Sunshine Cantu brings to the stage are a sight to behold for anyone in attendance.

Estes has been singing since childhood and even won the chance to perform with Tesla in 2005 when he won a singing competition in Corpus Christi. Not one to shy away from a microphone he can also be seen around town performing karaoke.

Cantu who has been playing the Bass since Junior High has been performing a for a number of years with school Jazz bands. In 2006 she was a member of Texas A&M University Kingsvilles Jazz Band I which was named Downbeat Magazines number 1 band based on entrants from all over the world.

Playing for over a decade in the Corpus Christi, Kingsville, and Austin areas the Sunshine Collective is set to take the stage alongside the accomplished musician Mike Dillon originally of Denton Texas. Dillon has been in a number of bands performing all over the country and has even been a member of several groups with Bassist Les Claypool (Primus, South Park, Robot Chicken).

Playing various forms of percussion Mike Dillon first encountered Cantu and Estes when they were in the rock/reggae group known as MDI when playing a live show at Dr. Rockits in Corpus Christi. From there Cantu served as a bassist for Dillons other groups on several occasions over the years.

Now playing together at The NASA both groups will be delivering a show that is sure to be filled with funky grooves and smooth vocals from the Sunshine Collective. The Mike Dillon band is sure to show the Corpus Christi crowd a very unique style and an assault of percussive jamming.