The Corpus Christi Police Department was involved in an exchange of gunfire on Feb. 15 which sent one man to the hospital and left an officer on administrative leave. New details have been released regarding the details of the incident that took place on the 4900 block of Dody Street.

The 33-year-old man involved in the incident has been identified as Josh Hernandez. Hernandez has no prior history with law enforcement and is currently in stable condition.

The officer involved in this shooting was also identified as Allen Miller, a three-year veteran of the police department. Miller is currently on administrative leave as no other officers are known to have fired their weapons the night of the incident.

When officers responded to a shots fired call on Sunday evening three officers approached the home where Hernandez was spotted with a weapon in hand. After officers instructed Hernandez to put his weapon on the ground at which time he ignored the officers commands and raised his firearm towards the officers.

Officer Miller discharged his weapon at which time Hernandez was struck and retreated into the home before surrendering to officers. When Hernandez surrendered officers administered aid and waited for EMS crews to arrive.

The family of Hernandez state that he was shot in the shoulder and chest area the night of the incident. They also said that Hernandez had been depressed regarding marital issues as well as personal issues regarding his medical condition, Schlederma.

Hernandez is not known to have sought out treatment for his feelings of depression but had recently moved back in to a home with his wife and children prior to this shooting.

Officers are working on obtaining a warrant for Hernandezí arrest on charges of aggravated assault on an officer. Hernandez is currently under guard by CCPD at Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital.