CORPUS CHRISTI - Rylee Williams was the winner of the Junior Livestock Show Essay Scholarship Contest which was sponsored by Mike Shaw Toyota. Today she was presented with her scholarship as well as a photo of the announcement of her winning.

Record Star Publisher Bill Weaver and Rick Jones who is the General Manager of Mike Shaw Toyota was on hand to meet Rylee and present her with her award. He congratulated the young lady and inquired as to her future plans in education.

Upon finding out that Rylee plans to attend College Station and that her current GPA is a 3.9 Jones then decided to make another offer to Rylee. If you finish your senior year maintaining an all A average, we will double your scholarship.

Rylee again thanked everyone for the award and gladly accepted the challenge stating I havent had a B in years. This being Rylees senior year it wont be long until she is off to College Station where she plans to study Agricultural Sciences.