Letter to Editor

1. They raised Water Rates 22% on all Homes and 30% on all Businesses.

2. They raised Tax Rates 10% on Homes and Businesses.

3. They more than doubled Garbage Rates on Businesses and who knows how much on homes.

4. They increased the payment of our Tax Dollars from $12 Million to $15 Million and then another $8 million, totaling $23 million for their Westside Disaster (the “MUC Pool”) all without a vote of the people.

5. They took $1,500,000 out of the Hotel-Motel Tax Fund and WASTED it on the MUC, instead of using it to promote Alice.

6. They approved a LOW DOWN DIRTY TRICK on the Taxpayers of Alice by issuing another $8 Million in “TAX NOTES”, WITHOUT ALLOWING THE CITIZENS OF ALICE TO VOTE. They looked long and hard to avoid issuing $8 Million in Bonds (which any HONEST GOVERNMENT Entity would have done). They dreamed up “TAX NOTE” which requires pledging Alice’s Future Tax Revenues, WITHOUT ANY CHANCE OF A “VOTE OF THE PEOPLE”. Their decision “NOT TO ALLOW A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE” appears to be pure ARROGANCE or possibly just plain IGNORANCE, because it certainly was not a Fair, Honest, or Intelligent decision. In my opinion spending over $20 Million on their Westside Disaster (without ALLOWING A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE), is the WORST LOW DOWN DIRTY TRICK that any Mayor or Council has done to the Citizens of Alice, in the last 100 years.

7. They made the “DECISION” to spend $23 MILLION on their Westside DISASTER (the "MUC"), instead of REPAIRING and MAINTAINING Alice's WATER PURIFICATION PLANT and old WATER LINES or streets. ALL WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE CITIZENS OF ALICE!

8. They spent over $350,000 on “consultants” to oversee the MUC in addition to about $2,000,000 for Engineers.

9. They increased Alice Debt by $12 million to over $40 million, instead of paying it down during good times.

10. They passed regulation after regulation on city homeowners and business without sufficient study or community input to realize the adverse effects of these regulations on our homes and businesses.

Newell W. Atkinson III, (a very CONCERNED TAXPAYER)

Alice, Texas