Robstown resident and local law enforcement officer Sgt. Oscar Mendoza will now be serving the city of Bishop as their Chief Deputy. This move comes as bitter sweet as Mendoza notes “I’m going to miss Robstown but I am glad that I was able to get this promotion.”

Having spent 20 years in Robstown where he became a Sergeant this promotion not only relocates Mendoza but also adds to his accomplishments. Having spent over 20 years in law enforcement Mendoza has made it a life long commitment to serve the community.

“I have an open door policy,” Mendoza said. “My office door is always open to anyone who wants to talk to me, I believe in hearing people out.”

Mendoza spent most of his career with the Nueces County Constables Pct. 5 in Robstown but transferred to Pct. 3 in Bishop. Mendoza notes that law enforcement is something that has always been close to his heart.

“Law enforcement is something that has always been a lifelong dream of mine,” Mendoza said. “It’s something that I have always loved and will continue to do.”