Consumers served by AEP Texas in south and west Texas now have the option to be notified by text message or e-mail when their home or business is affected by a power outage.

Consumers who enroll in AEP Texas Mobile Alerts will receive a notification when an outage has been reported in their area and will get updates as AEP Texas crews determine the outage cause and can estimate when power is expected to be restored.

“The deployment of advanced meters across the AEP Texas system combined with the proliferation of hand-held communications devices now makes it possible for AEP Texas to let consumers connected to our lines know that we know their power is out and when we expect it to be restored,” said Wade Smith, AEP Texas president and chief operating officer. “Mobile Alerts can help us meet ever growing expectations and allows consumers yet another way to be connected to AEP Texas, only this time wirelessly,” he said.

Consumers wishing to enroll in AEP Texas Mobile Alerts should call AEP Texas at 866-223-8508 to register their home or business account. Once that is done, the consumer will receive a link to a website where they can enroll in AEP Texas Mobile Alerts. If a consumer already has an online account, they can login and enroll for the alerts.