In the modern world we live in it is not unusual for a person to feel insecure about their appearance. Insecurity is after all a common characteristic for most people living in today's society.

True there are occasionally those who refuse to conform and will march to the beat of their own drum but for the rest of us, what is it that has us so afraid of being different? A great example presented itself recently as pop artist Pink was negatively criticized for her weight at a charity event.

The singer, who was born Alecia Beth Moore attended a charity event which was being held in the fight against cancer only to make headlines for the fact that she has put on weight. Pink, now age 35 did what many today would consider groundbreaking by owning her new look.

Taking to her social media Pink declared “I feel beautiful.” The singer also posted a message to her detractors telling them not to worry about her and mockingly signed her response “love cheesecake.”

Events like this beg the question, “why is her weight gain a bad thing?” It is a fact that as we age our body goes through changes and eventually breaks down in one area or another, it is a basic part of human development.

With that in mind the 35 year old singer responded in a more than appropriate manner by owning the fact that she is not a teenager or in her early 20’s anymore. The truth is the vast majority of us will not look like we did in our years of youth and there is nothing wrong with that.

The stigma of appearance in the entertainment world is one that has become so impactful over the years that it now effects those of us who are not in the limelight. Everyday people and even kids feel as if there is a standard in pop culture that we have to measure up to physically or we will be looked at as “wrong.”

There was a time when the greatest artists in pop culture were just as average as the rest of us. They were larger than life and by no means perfect.

Artists like Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury, Joe Cocker, and Paul Willams dominated the entertainment world with their talent and larger than life personalities. They did this never worrying about their weight, hair, clothes or what anyone was going to say about them.

They showed the world that it was ok to be different, and that individuals could be artists. They impacted the world in a way that was so profound that they are still held in the highest of regards of the entertainment world today.

Looking back on those artists one can’t help but sigh as we turn on the television and look at the new age of entertainment. An age where to be an artist means being physically perfect and living a fictional lifestyle that revolves around cars and social status.

A sign of the times becomes very evident when we put a gifted singer like the late Joe Cocker side by side with Kanye West and realize just how far artistry has or hasn’t come. Should it be a good thing that in today's world a larger than life icon like Janis Joplin would have to take a back seat to someone like Beyonce simply because of appearance?