The Tuloso-Midway Middle school was found to have been vandalized early Saturday morning. As one teacher arrived to prepare for this weeks lessons they found thousands of dollars worth of damaged equipment.

In total the damages are estimated at being close to $200 thousand dollars. Damaged equipment found on the property included copy and fax machines, computers, iPads, televisions and a number of broken windows.

Though the school does not have an alarm they do have a security camera which was able to capture 2 suspects on film. Following the video evidence one 14-year old boy was arrested.

The boy is an eighth grade student of the middle school but was not alone according to officials. Police have confirmed that they are working on arresting a second suspect who is also believed to be a juvenile.

In addition to the damaged equipment a pet snake has also been reported as missing. Depending on the total cost of the damage the suspects could face charges as serious as a second or even first degree felony.