ROBSTOWN - April 10 marked the night of the Relay for life in Robstown Texas. Many teams and individuals gathered at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds to participate in the event which is meant to bring awareness and raise funding for Cancer.

The teams readied themselves for an overnight stay as the event was scheduled to last until the morning hours drawing to a close at 6 A.M. Though the event was held indoors many participants decorated their areas and danced to the music that was provided in order to maintain a positive atmosphere.

Groups of local Robstown students walked and danced around the track area taking breaks occasionally to rest and mingle with the other groups on hand. In addition the students participated in seated volleyball matches that were set up by the event coordinators.

It has been a good turn out so far, Lindsay Garcia said. I came here with some friends but I wasnt expecting to be here at 2 A.M.

Being her first Relay for Life Garcia was not sure what to expect but noted It has been fun everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and its for a good cause. The cause that Relay for Life supports is the fight against cancer.

Donations collected from the event go towards a variety of cancer related causes such as medical research and the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge which provides a free and comfortable place to stay for patients and caregivers.

The night started and ended strong for those who participated in the event. Both young and old gathered together in the fight against a disease that effects a great deal of people in our surrounding areas.