On May 5 at 10 A.M. the city of Robstown will be installing a new Prescription drop off box at the local police department. The purpose of this drop box is to safely and securely drop off prescription medication for proper disposal.

The drop box will be located at 430 E. Main St and will be the 6th dropbox installed in Nueces County. With this new installation the city and law enforcement hope to keep Rx medications from making their ways into the hands of teenagers or others who may abuse them.

According to the Youth Continuum of Care Coalition-Community Coalition Partnerships of Nueces County, nearly one-third of teens believe theres nothing wrong with using Rx medications without a prescription from time to time.

2 in 5 teenagers agree that Rx medicines, even if they are not prescribed are safer to use than illegal drugs. With the help of the drop box the members of the community will be able to deposit their unneeded prescription medicines at the police department.

The DEA comes by and collects the prescription drugs and disposes of them properly. In addition to keeping them out of the hands of teenagers this new method also ensures that these medications will not end up in our land or water systems.

The only items that will not be collected are needles and liquid medication. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome this new addition to the city of Robstown.

Robstown Police Department declined to comment on the new addition.