Issac Colmenero is a student of Texas Tech University working on a Masters Degree in Geography. As a part of this students Thesis project he is currently researching “The Geography of Cumbia.”

Colmenero was present for the Fiesta de la Flor celebration that took place on the weekend of April 17 for further research. “I am looking at the beginning of Cumbia in Columbia and how it chafed and spread over time to other parts of Latin America,” Colmenero said.

Colmenero notes that the music transformed from folk music to a more popular and mainstream culture. “There is only one academic book on the cumbia and it is a collection of articles that skips over Selena and AB QUintanilla’s influence on the cumbia from the 1990s to present” Colmenero said.

“I have been working with AB Quintanillafor over a year with a series of interviews on the road to add his story perspectively to academia,” Colmenero said. “AB Quintanillas music and songwriting are unique standouts from the Tejano market because of his penetration into Mexico, South America, and the rest of the world.”

In his research Colmenero is looking at how AB Quintanilla has intuitively used cultural understanding of different regions to incorporate it into his music. In addition to those interviews, Colmenero is also issuing an online survey to the public to gather more insight as to the musical tastes of other regions.

A link to the quiz can be found here.

This quiz is free and furthers the academic world in the history of Cumbia.