In solidarity with weekend prayer events happening across the country in advance of oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court, Texas for Marriage and congregations across the Lone Star State will be banding together for the National Weekend of Prayer to support same-sex couples’ freedom to marry.

A coalition of 367 clergy and faith leaders will come together in prayer services and at vigils to pray that the values of love and the Golden Rule prevail over fear and discrimination.

“Support for the freedom to marry is at an all-time high nationwide, with more and more people of faith as well as mainstream denominations embracing the freedom to marry and celebrating couples' commitment,” said Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry. “Heartfelt conversations, soul-searching, and reflection on key values such as the Golden Rule of treating others as you would want to be treated have moved millions of Americans into the majority for marriage that has created the climate for the courts, and now the Supreme Court, to end marriage discrimination in the law. It is time for the freedom to marry for all, leaving no state and no family out.”

“As Texans and as people of faith, we believe in practicing the Golden Rule, treating others as we would want to be treated,” said the Rev. Jim Rigby, minister of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Austin. “All loving and committed couples deserve to be treated with respect, and the freedom to marry gives them that respect. As faith leaders, we also support religious freedom. No clergyperson, house of worship or religious organization will ever be forced to perform a wedding that violates their religious beliefs. We can have marriage equality and protect religious freedom at the same time.”