As we get older it seems sometimes our tolerance and cynicism tend to take over without us realizing it. That being said no one is immune from having these occasional incidents.

For example, after stopping off at the university library to do some research for one of his classes. A man drove past the music building and spotted an undergraduate student hold a Bass Guitar.

Immediately the man noticed that the undergrad fit the punk rock image to a T. From head to toe the uniform was complete, spiked hair, black horn rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, an obscure punk rock shirt and a black and white checkerboard strap on his instrument.

The man smiled to himself and thought, “UGH, look at this kid.” After chuckling to himself he thought, “This guy can’t be more than 20 years old and still early in his college career.”

“Dude, you are so Punk Rock!” That is what the man wanted to say. He wanted to roll down his window and make the sarcastic remark to satisfy the laughter building up in his head.

However, I am glad I did not move forward on these actions. I thought to myself, “we were all young and “dumb” at some point in our college life.”

At some point we all thought we had to do certain things to be cool, or accentuate who we thought we were. Finding who we are is journey that takes several years and in some cases never ends.

I found myself now thinking, “what was the point of that and what good what it do to poke fun at this person just to satisfy my own sarcastic sense of humor?” Maybe it is because I never subscribed to any of the fashion trends when I was younger, but this was still no reason to laugh at someone else.

What is it that makes us have these moments of “hate”? Even if the kid was portraying a stereotype without knowing it who are any of us to make a judgement without knowing him.

For all I know this guy has musical tastes similar to my own. For all I know he is a better Bass player and musician than I am.

I am glad I caught myself and even chastised myself to a small degree for my initial reaction. It seems the older we get the easier we perceive looking at the younger generation and laughing at their silliness.

However, we should to some degree embrace the silliness of youth. We all had our moments in the past and I am willing to bet that if we stop and think about it, those were some fun times.

Did we make fools out of ourselves? Do we regret our fashion choices? Does it matter?

In the end, don’t hate. Smile, nod your head, and whether you agree or disagree don’t go out of your way to bring someone else down.