In the aftermath of the flooding that took place in Wimberley during the month of May word spread to the Corpus Christi area that among the missing flood victims 8 of them were area residents. Though search efforts continue 3 people remain listed as missing at this time.

Former Nueces County Commissioner Joe McComb was able to confirm that his son Jonathan McComb survived the ordeal but was seriously injured with a broken rib, shattered sternum, and a collapsed lung. McCombs wife Laura’s body was recovered and identified earlier this week.

Over the weekend the body of a 6 year old boy was recovered and identified as Andrew McComb. The families youngest child Leighton remains missing at this time.

On Monday morning the body of Sue McNeil Carey was identified with the body of Laura McComb through the use of dental records. Ralph Hugh Charba and Michelle Marie Carey-Charba have also been recovered during the ongoing search for survivors in the Wimberley area.

Along with Leighton McComb, William Randall Charba,42, and William Charba, 6, are still listed as missing.

The families traveled to Wimberley to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend at a vacation home when the waters of the Blanco River rose suddenly resulting in the devastation we see today.

The same rainfall was also the result in major Texas cities such as Austin and Houston. Rains left parts of downtown Austin flooded and many local businesses were forced to close doors.

It was reported earlier in the week that Uchiko a popular sushi restaurant was effected by the flooding, but were able to confirm with us that they were scheduled to be closed the day of the floods.

As of this week the weather forecast predicts clear skies for our area as well as Houston and Austin. The Wimberley area now has clear skies but clean up continues for the area as does the search for those missing in the flood.