Savino Rojas has graduated from Robstown High School as their Valedictorian. His hard work in the classroom has led him to these final weeks of school and we had a chance to ask him a few questions.

Q: How did you feel when you got the final result that you were Valedictorian?

S: I was kind of surprised, I just bumped up from number 2 a few weeks ago.

Q: Where do you plan on going to school after graduation?

S: UT Austin.

Q: What do you plan on studying while you are there?

S: Mechanical Engineering.

Q: What do you like about mechanical engineering?

S: It ams like it would be fun to study.

Q: Are you going to miss anything about your school or Robstown?

S: Not really, just ready for school to be over I guess, my friends since I am going to Austin.