Children across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada have been singing the memorable Wheels on the Bus song for three quarters of a century, and one six-year-old Coastal Bend boy has used it to set his goal in life: be a transit professional.

When Rafael “Blue” Martinez told CCRTA Supervisor Natalie Grady, “You know, I am going to take your job,” the would-be transit professional endeared the team and garnered a shadowing opportunity with the Authority.

“Blue” first experience with public transportation was two year ago when he was just four years old. He and some family members rode from the CCRTA Robstown Station into Corpus Christi. “Blue,” a family nickname, says Mom Lidia Martinez, “just got interested and now plans trips” for his Mom and sister into Driscoll Children’s Hospital where she receives treatment.

“He knows all the schedules and what bus to take to go different places,” Mrs. Martinez explained. Blue is a student at Banquete Elementary School and will be seven on August 6.

In addition to knowing CCRTA’s service and helping his family negotiate travel and connections, Blue loves web-based bus simulation games, and has them loaded on his Mom’s phone. “He loves to plays the games and study the schedules on-line. He knows where every bus goes and most of the drivers,” she explained.