Although Mayís record rains helped to raise levels in water supply reservoirs, the City will remain in Stage 2 Drought Measures. The City is extending the measures to encourage the continued conservation success achieved by mandatory one-day-per-week irrigation. City staff are currently preparing a revised Drought Contingency Plan, permanently raising drought triggers that would effectively make one-day-per-week irrigation a longer lasting, sustainable best practice.

Since the one-day-per-week irrigation measure was first enacted in July 2013, residents have collectively saved more than 7,200 ac-ft. of water or 18% of historical average. In addition, citizens, business owners, and members of the landscaping industry have become accustomed to the practice and recognized one-day-per-week irrigation is adequate for healthy plant growth in the Coastal Bend.

In addition to one-day-per-week sprinkler irrigation, all other Stage 2 measures remain in effect, including limiting residential car washing and filling pools to the residentís garbage pickup day. Also, there are several year-round mandatory conservation measures that remain in place. The primary measure is the prohibition of sprinkler irrigation between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Watering by hand-held hose can be done at any time on any day.)

Additional information, including exemptions from these measures, is available at or by contacting the Environmental & Strategic Initiatives Department Hot Line at 361.826.1600.